This is where I go when I have nowhere else to go.

Things you should know:

  • This blog doesn’t really have a subject. Right now, I plan to write about things like mental illness, sex, communication & relationships, and various other personal things.
  • I’m here for me. I am not here for you. The way I deal with comments will reflect this.
  • You can talk to me at notesagainsthumanity[at]gmail.com. I can’t guarantee a response, but in general I like talking to people.
  • The hashtags at the tops of some posts warn of potentially triggering/upsetting content. I chose to avoid the whole debate around the term “trigger warning” (does everyone experience it as a “trigger”? Does everyone need a “warning”?) by using a format that people will recognize as referring to a post’s content. If you would like me to include a particular hashtag, no matter what reason, you can comment here or email me.

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